My name is J. Carlos Desales, a native of Rio and citizen of United States. Currently I spend most part of the year in Brazil working as an executive director of Americas Connect and private tour guide and tour conductor in many different areas of the country and the remaining time I spend in the States networking, improving my professional skills and spending time with my family and friends.

In San Francisco, I attended San Francisco State University and majored in Film Production and I worked in the field for awhile.

In 1998, I had the chance of spending three months working between Cuba and Puerto Rico improving my Spanish which I learned by traveling to Mexico several times.

In 2002, after ten years working as a health worker I left my job and decided to have a career that could allow me to live and work in both countries. So, I went back to school and learned how to become an international tour guide and tour conductor.

Furthermore, being blessed by having dual citizenship and given the privileged not only having a great understanding of the languages spoken in both countries but I also have a very good understanding of both cultures.

J. Carlos Desales
Founder & CEO, Americas Connect
USA:   + 1 917 231-3517
Brazil: + 55 21 99622- 0976