Soccer Match at Maracanã Stadium – 4 hours

  • January 8, 2015
  • J. Carlos Desales

A whole Brazilian culture has developed around the historically English sport, which means that tickets are often difficult to obtain and the customs during games might surprise you! I will ensure that we choose a match to watch that is exciting and dear to Brazilian fans’ hearts. We’ll witness all the joy and love that people display when they arrive in huge crowds long before the game even starts to pick their seats and contribute to the energetic atmosphere.

You’ll have the opportunity—as many Brazilians do—to show your support and buy a jersey from your favorite team. We’ll learn all about the history of
soccer in Brazil, then sit back (or stand up) and enjoy a demonstration of Brazil’s lively pastime created as much by the fans as by the soccer players.

Up to 3 people – Guide Service and Transportation.

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