The Northeast Fair – 2-3 hours

  • January 8, 2015
  • J. Carlos Desales
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The Northeastern Fair is one reason to venture beyond the popular South Zone of Rio. Located in the traditional neighborhood of Sao Cristovao, historically home to the Imperial Family, the fair draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every month with its array of foods, handcrafts, gifts, and other traditional Brazilian wares. Discover unique souvenirs or even holistic medicines, such as the mysterious garrafadas, rumored to cure you of any malady! The large pavilion, which was originally used for exhibitions and special events, was recently renamed the Centro Luiz Gonzaga de Tradicoes Nordestinas and now houses one of the most interesting and bargain-able markets in Rio.f you’re unable to make it to the more remote northeastern region, you’ll find a good approximation with regional food, singing and dancing, and the lively culture that Rio is known for.

Up to 3 people – Guide Service and Transportation.

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