The Sisterhood of Good Death Festival

  • March 9, 2015
  • J. Carlos Desales

The Sisterhood of Good Death Festival  – Rio de Janeiro & Salvador August 6-17,2015

Day by Day Itinerary – A visa is necessary to all Americans citizens traveling to  Brazil.

  Thursday, August 6th – Group leaves the US

Friday, August 7th – Group arrives in Rio

  •    Transfer airport hotel in Copacabana Beach

  .     Free day to settle in , lunch on own

Dinner Reception:

Rio by Night:  Orientation, dinner reception at a “Carioca” style  restaurant and dancing to live music of different black Brazilian rhythms 

Time: 8 P.M.

Duration: 5- 6 hours

Saturday, August 8th –  Visit and Lunch  at the Favela and meet a local community leader.  Visit to a  Samba School in the North Zone of Rio.

Time: noon

Duration: 6 hours

Sunday, August 9th- Free day to enjoy the beach or optional tour: Visit to the arts & Crafts fair, lunch at a “Carioca” style  restaurant & soccer match at Maracanã Stadium

Time: 10:00

Duration: 8 hours

Rio by Night:   Bossa Nova Show and dinner

Time: 9 P.M.

Duration: 4 hours

    Monday, August 10th – The Best of Rio & The African-Brazilian tour of the historical Rio

▪ Christ

▪ Sugar Loaf

▪ Little Africa ( historical sights,churches,museums) and Lunch at typical “Carioca” style restaurant

Time: 9 A.M.

Duration: 8 hours

Rio byy Night: Free evening or optional activity to be announced

Time: 8 P.M.

Duration: 4 hours

Tuesday, August 11th  -Group leaves to Salvador

• Transfer-Out Rio

• Transfer-In Salvador hotel in Barra Beach

• Check-in

• Free Time until dinner

  • Day time: Beach time – lunch own on.

Bahia by Night: Orientation, dinner at Bahian style restaurant and Benção in Pelourinho (Blessing in Pelourinho)


Time: 7 P.M.

Duration: 5 hours

    Wednesday, August 12th – African-Brazilian tour of historical Salvador, meeting with a leader of the local Black community and lunch at typical Bahian restaurant

Time: 9 A.M.

Duration: 6 hours

Bahia by Night: Ballet Folkloric of Bahia and dinner at a typical Bahian restaurant

Time: 7 P.M.

Duration: 5 hours

Thursday, August,13th – Free day to relax on the beach or optional tour to be announced

Time:  10 A.M.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Bahia by Night: Candomblé Ceremony and dinner at a Bahian style restaurant

Time: 6:00 P.M.

Duration: 4 hours

✓    Friday, August 14th – Sailing to Itaparica and Frades Island

Time: 8 A.M.

Duration: 8 hours

Bahia by Night: Farewell Dinner

Saturday, August 15th – Travel to the country side of Bahia to be part of the Festival of the Sisterhood of Good Death in Cachoeira.  Meeting with the sister and be part of the festivities

Time: 12 P.M.

Duration: 10-12 hours

Sunday, August 16th –   Last minute shopping, farewell lunch party  and transfer- out Salvador’s airport

Monday, August 17th – group arrives in the US


Cost based on group of 13 people – Land Only (No airfare included)

Double Occupancy: U$2700 

Single Occupancy:  U$3200

A visa is necessary to all travelers using an American passport to enter  Brazil.


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